Once in every five years Paguyuban Ngesti Tunggal (Pangestu) hold a congress to elect a new Head of Pangestu Central Management for the next five years, as well as Strategic Planning as program reference for the improvement of the central and sub-branches.

Before the program is undertaken in the levels of central and below, a pre-meeting takes place called: Paripurna Pengurus Pusat (Raparsat) to establish working program which will be undertaken. Afterwards, discussed inside a meeting between coordination both central and below (sub-branches).

Sidang Kelompok membahas Program Kerja Tahunan per Koordinator Daerah pada Raparsat 2019

Rapat Kerja Paripurna Pengurus Pusat (Raparsat) Tahun 2019 di Jakarta

Pembekalan Ketua-ketua Pengurus Cabang se Indonesia

Pembekalan Ketua-ketua Pengurus Cabang se Indonesia